The Darkest Minds Series

These are my favorite books.  I just finished the last one, and I cried happy-sad tears.  They are so beautiful.  Anyone who enjoys the YA genre should read these books.  There is nothing more I feel I need to say.


Apologies, Announcements, and Asservations

This is not going to be a real post because I had a stroke of brilliance moments ago concerning a matter of great importance- a friend’s birthday- that I simply must act on, but I felt I owed you an explanation for my absence , since there are in fact 10 of you followers now.  Wooooooo!!!!!!  10!!!  It’s such a  big number!!!  It’s got two digits!!!  Woooooo!!!!!!

I was excited when I saw that.

Anyway, I’m sorry I haven’t been on the past two weeks.  I was just getting in my groove; I know.  Unfortunately, exam stress and the end-of-the-school-year rush to cram those last few chapters descended upon me, and made it rather improbable to do anything.

Which sucked.

And I felt bad because, well, apparently some people enjoy my craziness, since I HAVE 10 FOLLOWERS!

I could’ve tried to post something, but I figured nothing good would be coming out of my test addled brain.  And the same thing goes for today because I’m still kind of addled.

So there’s the apology.

Next, the announcement.

I’m on summer break as of now, so I’m likely going to be able to post regularly for the next three months.  I’m going to be active on here and social media and Goodreads.  I hope.  I hate making promises, in case I can’t keep them, but I should be able to.

Now, the asservation, or promise.  Yes, I had to thesaurus.com myself a synonym of promise that starts with “a”.

I promise, starting tomorrow, I will have real posts ’til the end of the summer.  Cross my heart, hope not to die because that would screw up my plan.

See what I mean about test addled.  That was not my best joke.

I’m going to keep this brief because I simply can’t think of anything more to say, except thanks again, you ten followers, you make my day.



Emerging from my Den of Insickquity & A Plan

I’ve been failing with this blog but that ends today, and I’ll explain my plan in a few moments.  First, I have to make excuses for myself, mainly because I’ve been saving that Den of Insickquity line for a week.

So, I was sick with the flu or a nasty cold or something; it sucked.  But as I was lying in bed, vaporizer steam coiling around me, brain clouded by cough drops, I thought, this is like, a Den of Illniquity.  Then, I revised that to Den of Insickquity because I realized illniquity didn’t ring quite as well as insickquity.  So… yeah.  I never nailed down the delivery…


I have formulated a plan… well… I am formulating a plan.  Right now.  As I type this.  Here we go!

(Yeah, so…. I’m including the original plan in normal font, then my 3-weeks-later thoughts in this bold, italicized font… I really should just scrap this post, but… I’ve waited waaaaay too long to use that Den of Insickquity joke, so just… just…. ok?)

1) Stockpile posts.

I need a pillow to fall into when I’m tired.  Just like I need pre-made blog posts to lean on when I’m busy. That metaphor actually turned out a lot better than I expected when I started making it.  (Soooo… I gave up on this, actually, after a few weeks of “stockpiling posts”- I did two- I just need to full on jump in, I think.)

2) Do some formatting.

I think I need more pages.  And I’m not sure what’s going on with the widgets at the moment.  Oh!  And I kind of have been ignoring categorizing my posts because… work.  So, I should probably do that stuff.  (Yeah…. That didn’t happen either)

3) Post this.  Then continue posting.

Well, I guess to abide by #1, I should probably hold off on posting this until I have at least a week’s worth of posts.  That seems fair.  (Or maybe I’ll just scrap this plan, since as I’m going back through it, I’m just saying screw it to everything…)

4) Get involved with other bloggy personas.

To make this blog successful, I believe I have to become a presence around the blogosphere/interwebs or whatever.  I did get a twitter already, so… *points to self* winner.  (I have actually been tweeting, it’s @haily_hay, in case you were wondering)

5) Be awesome.

Always important.  Plus, I felt like a list ain’t a list if it ain’t at least five things long.  Man, look at that masterpiece of a sentence.

So… that seems to be all I’ve got.  (And yet, somehow I still failed…)



Happ New Year!!!!!!!!!

Happy New Year!!!!

(I may be overdoing it on the exclamation points!)

I will post tomorrow, but today was very busy, and I need sleep, so I’ll leave you with a Happy New year and I hope it’s awesome for everyone!!!




Quick Update

If you couldn’t tell from the post title, this isn’t going to be a real post.  I just figured I should give a quick update on what’s what.  I’m going to hold off on posting for a little while, probably until 2014, while in the meantime, I will be stockpiling a few posts, reviews and recipes, and finishing the formatting of the blog, and… figuring out other bloggy things.   I just need to get myself together before I try posting on any sort of regular basis.

So, see ya in the new year.




Soooo… Guess who didn’t quite get her full week of posts done?  Me.  I have a good excuse though… I fell asleep.  Then, I decided to take a brief break because exams were coming up, and my soul was in jeopardy… Or at least my academic standing… I guess they aren’t really the same thing…

But guess who just fought her way through exam week?  Again, it’s me.

And seriously, I did those exams LIKE A BOSS.

That’s right. I’m using a GIF to illustrate my point.

Forewarning: I’m about to get super braggy and super nerdy at once.

I feel like I just slayed a dragon.

I feel like I could go out hunting Jaws and I wouldn’t need a bigger boat.  I would just use my super brain powers to get him to follow me back then harpoon himself.

If I could, I’d go up to Harry Potter right now and say, “You killed Voldemort?  Saved the world?  Didn’t die?  No big deal.  I got 94% on an AP Bio exam!  What now, Boy Who Lived?!”

Same with Katniss.  “You lived through two death rings?  Saved a country from oppressive rule?  Whatevs!  I lived through 4 days of mega-tests.  I saved myself from being a bum.  You, Katniss?!  You.  Have.  No.  Friends.  They all died!  Good job with that, Miss Mockingjay!”

I could kill some zombies right now!  Remy King?  Pfft!  She can’t beat me!  She can’t even keep it in her pants!  I throw a guy at her, DONE.  I WIN!  Cheating ain’t cheating if it’s the apocalypse seems to be her motto.  Off topic!  Back on track to my braggy self!

I feel like I could go all ninja- NO!  I feel like I could go all assassin Caelena Sardothien someone up in he-yah!  I feel like my references are so awesome, you’ll just ignore the bad parts!  Like that “he-yah!”  Seriously!  That was bad!  My fingers are crumbling from typing that horrid string of characters!

But, Imma keep goin’ ‘cuz  I got a million of these!

Kaidan Rowe?  Get yo drumsticks!  I’m challenging you to a drum off.  I’ve never even seen a real drum set, but you know what?  I’m gonna own you!

Alexandria Andros, Miss Apollyon,  Can’t-say-what-I-was-about-to-because-it’d-spoil-the-ending?  Let’s go hunt some demons, girl!  I can go buy a titanium garden spade.  While we’re at it, let’s go wakey-wakey-eggs-and-bakey us some Titans!

Imagine Dragons?  “That’s where my demons hide?”  I don’t have any hiding demons!  I just slayed ’em all!

I could show up Sicarius right now!  (Props to all y’alls who got that one!)

Really, Lorde?  We’ll never be royals?  Because I’m pretty sure I just got that status!

I can’t believe I’m about to say this… I can’t believe I’m going to bring this wackjob into my rant… But, I could take down Miley freakin’ Cyrus right now!  I’m pretty sure I could turn her into a normal person!  Do you understand what a big deal that is?!

That’s like getting Godzilla to hug you.  That’s like retaining control over an army of lions and tigers and bears.  Oh my!  That’s like convincing someone that ripping out your nails is a good plan.   That’s like … No…. *sigh*… Ooh!  Ooh- no…  Or… No… I can’t find the perfect analogy. It’s just dangling right out of- NOPE!  I got it!  Wait for it…. Wait for it… One more “wait for it”…

That’s like getting the government to work properly.

OOOOOOOOOOW!  No she didn’t!  Yes.  I did.

(Please, government don’t come after me, I’m just a teenage girl if you couldn’t tell by the plethora of YA book references.  I don’t even know what agency would come after me.  Would it be the CIA?  The FBI?  The NSA?  Would you just send a bunch of ninjas?  Would it be the ZWX?  That should totally be an agency.  Everyone would go around saying, “did you hear about the zwoox?”  Yes, that’s how it’d be pronounced.  And it would stand for… Zebra Walrus Xylophone.  Just kidding, that’s ridiculous.  That’s totally gonna be a band now that I’ve said it.  What about…  the Zambomba  Waldgrave Xiphoid agency?  You want to know what they would do?  They would monitor the transport of sword shaped instruments (Xiphoid) by German nobility (Waldgrave) in Spanish drums (Zambombas).  ZWX.  Just wait.  It’ll happen.)

Well… that got out of hand.  I was planning on actually talking about other things.  This was going to be a real post. I was planning on stopping after Jaws, but… it just kept pouring out of me, and I figured, eh, someone might get a kick out of my crazy.

For all my fellow students, hope you laid the smack down on your exams, too!



Dirt Pudding!

So, I’m still trying to do one first full week of posts, which is becoming harder since my midterm exams are next week and I really need to start studying for those.  Plus, I’m horrible at remembering to post… Or remembering to even write up the posts… I’m going to assume that  eventually I’ll get better, after it becomes part of my routine, but for now… I kinda suck at blogging.

(For the record, when I insult myself like that, I do it with self deprecating humor.  It’s really hard to convey with just text, and I feel like some might assume I hate myself.  I don’t.  I laugh at myself.  Wait, no…  I laugh with myself.)’

Anyway, because I’m just throwing this post together super quickly, I’m going to talk about how to make a super simple dessert: dirt pudding!  I just made it for a friend’s birthday, whose favorite desserts are “pudding and room temperature ice cream,” so I thought what the heck?

Pudding mix (chocolate suggested, vanilla is fine too)
Whipped cream
Oreos (or knock off Oreos)
Gummy worms

1) Make the pudding using the milk according to the box.
2) Smash the Oreos.
3) Mix set pudding with half of Oreos and half a container of whipped cream.
4) Top with rest of Oreos and some gummy worms.
5) Stuff your face!

There you have it!