Sorry, but…

First off, have you noticed that whenever I’m about to make excuses, my titles includes ellipses?  Hmm… curious.

Secondly, sorry I haven’t really posted much… I’ve slacked off with reading, and I’m struggling writing reviews for old books.  Plus, I don’t exactly know how I want to share the recipes I’ve tried recently.  I was going to show pictures of the process of making them; however, I forgot to take pictures.  I’ll probably end up just sharing and making comments, then sprucing them up after I try it again and get pics.

In the mean time though, I wanted to share a song/artist on here.  His name is Pip, and he was a contestant on The Voice (U.S.) season 2.  Here’s his audition for that (which I looooved and which introduced me to the song House of the Rising Sun- oh so good!)

I loved him, but I’d forgotten about him, until today, when House of the Rising Sun popped into my head.  That led to him, which pushed me onto wikipedia, and wikipedia told me that he released some songs.  The following is the first I listened to, and I love it!  So, without further ado….

Here it is!

Don’t you love it?!  Tell me you love it! The video is so cute!