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Wattpad and Abortion

This post’s been sitting as a draft for awhile, and now, I’m going to publish my crazy since I promised a post today and only have 14 minutes until it’s technically tomorrow.  Please, don’t be offended by the following; I don’t think it’s offensive, but I’m giving it a disclaimer anyway. Now, onto the show…

Wattpad and Abortion.

Yes, I am sticking by that title.

It’s not weird.

Ok, maybe a little.

In fact, I’m experiencing severe titletular regret right now- regret pertaining to the naming of a certain piece of work, often the best choice compared to other options.

But looking past the title, let’s get to the meat and potatoes, or rather wattpad and abortion.

A while back, I leapt into the wattpad world and was very happy with what I found.  I read some of Miranda Kenneally’s excerpts, found an Amanda Hocking story(Forgotten Lyrics), and some cutesy romance.  And I’ve been planning on sharing.

It seems like a really awesome community, and there are some really great stories on there, so you should check it out.

Now, onto abortion.  Stuff’s about to get real.  Also, spoilers for a certain Wattpad story, Cherry Knots, are coming.

This short story, Cherry Knots, that I read on Wattpad was good; I flew threw it one lazy Sunday.  However, I got kind of pissy at the end because, well, the big secret that the main girl had been keeping the whole time was that she’d had an abortion.  And I realized I have some very strong opinions on the topic that I believe are worth sharing.

First, some background about the story.  The main character is recovering from severe depression and constantly hinting about what caused her depression, bringing up a mysterious person that slept next to her in her bed and that she did something to that caused her to die.

Throughout the book, I was reading some of the comments, and the suspicions were split between sister and baby.  I was hoping it’d be a sister because in my experience, teen pregnancy usually ruins YA books.  My hopes were crushed.

It’s revealed that the girl got pregnant, had an abortion, and regretted it afterward because she ended her daughter’s life, thinking at one point:

It was the way I sometimes dreamt of her, what she could’ve been, what she could’ve done, had I actually let her live.  It came to the point where the guilt weighed down so heavily I honestly felt like I didn’t deserve to live.”

I understand that viewpoint of abortion.     The one where a potential life is destroyed in the womb.  The one where it’s immoral and causes guilt.  I don’t mind that view in people who have experienced this.  Who have been put in that situation and had to consider that.  It’s completely fair to feel that way for them.  However, the anti-abortionists, especially the religious nuts, who are against it…  I have no patience for them.  Because it’s not their right to state it’s immoral.  It’s for the accidentally pregnant girl/woman to decide.

And here’s my main thought concerning this topic:

Sure, there’s a potential life being destroyed in the womb, unaware, nothing more than a little bundle of cells.  It may as well be a fly, it’s so small. (By the way, another thing, do most people concern themselves with killing flies?  No.  All righteous anti-abortionists out there, do you kill bugs?  Because if so, I want to slap you even more.  Make up your mind.  Are we killing living things or not?  Also, how many meat eating anti-abortionists are out there?  Because I can’t take you seriously, either.  You do realize that those poor genetically modified chickens you’re stuffing down your gullet are actually aware when they’re collapsing under the unnatural weight of their bodies and having their internal organs fail trying to sustain all that weight?  While we’re at it, why don’t plants generally get acknowledged as having souls?  I mean, Spot or Fido or Fluffy dies, and you tell the kids, “Don’t worry, he’s up in heaven,” but your ficus dies, and you’re like “Darn, hopefully I can reuse that pot.”)

…Sorry ’bout that.  Self righteous vegetarian speaking, er, typing here.

Anyway… yeah, sure, there’s a potential life being destroyed.  But what about the actual life that’s just hitting its prime, unprepared for a child, completely aware, possibly ruined or greatly disadvantaged going forward?  Yes, I mean the mother.  And the father, for that matter.

Now, the thing is, I can’t talk about what it’s like for a would-be-mom, especially a teen, trying to decide whether or not to get an abortion.

However, I can provide the viewpoint of an accident.

Yeah, I was not planned.  My mom was 19, which is better than many, but still not exactly the age at which you want to have a kid, especially considering the fact that she was in college and living with her mom and definitely not with a guy who was completely together.  Not to insult my dad- I love him- but his choices aren’t exactly fantastic sometimes.

And again, I can’t tell you what she thought at the time.  I can’t tell you if she wished it’d never happened.  I can’t tell you if she was happy.  I have no idea.  I’ve never talked to her about it.  It’s kind of an awkward thing to bring up.  Like, “hey, you know how you had unprotected sex with my dad unmarried at 19 and became a poster child for accidental pregnancy?  I’m cool with that, since you know… Existing is kinda nice.”

Anyway, I can tell you how I felt when I realized I was a mistake.

I can tell you about my guilt.

The guilt that came with always wondering if my parents’ lives would be better if I’d never happened.  If they would have better jobs.  If they would have better paramours.  If, if, if, the list goes one, but I won’t bore you.  I often wonder if that’s why I’m so desperate to please, never inconveniencing anyone, even if that means just not asking a simple question.

And the thing is, my life is good.  I have a pretty great life.  I’m loved, I have a great family, I go to a wonderful school, I’m pretty spoiled, too.  I mean, yeah, there are some things I wish were different, but don’t we all?  I can’t imagine how much worse that guilt could be if my life weren’t so great.  If my mom had struggled more with raising me or had been abandoned by her family.  And that’s how a lot of teenage pregnancies turn out, I think.  The person isn’t ready, their life is screwed over (both parents), and the new life they create (that was possibly saved by choosing against an abortion) can be so full of guilt and bitterness and sorrow and hatred that there’s… simply suffering from all parties.

So, yeah, I think abortion is a completely justified decision.

I’m not going to get into anything else on the matter because then I’ll get worked up and sound psychotic.

I know this was kinda heavy, but I felt that I needed to share, so….




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