Emerging from my Den of Insickquity & A Plan

I’ve been failing with this blog but that ends today, and I’ll explain my plan in a few moments.  First, I have to make excuses for myself, mainly because I’ve been saving that Den of Insickquity line for a week.

So, I was sick with the flu or a nasty cold or something; it sucked.  But as I was lying in bed, vaporizer steam coiling around me, brain clouded by cough drops, I thought, this is like, a Den of Illniquity.  Then, I revised that to Den of Insickquity because I realized illniquity didn’t ring quite as well as insickquity.  So… yeah.  I never nailed down the delivery…


I have formulated a plan… well… I am formulating a plan.  Right now.  As I type this.  Here we go!

(Yeah, so…. I’m including the original plan in normal font, then my 3-weeks-later thoughts in this bold, italicized font… I really should just scrap this post, but… I’ve waited waaaaay too long to use that Den of Insickquity joke, so just… just…. ok?)

1) Stockpile posts.

I need a pillow to fall into when I’m tired.  Just like I need pre-made blog posts to lean on when I’m busy. That metaphor actually turned out a lot better than I expected when I started making it.  (Soooo… I gave up on this, actually, after a few weeks of “stockpiling posts”- I did two- I just need to full on jump in, I think.)

2) Do some formatting.

I think I need more pages.  And I’m not sure what’s going on with the widgets at the moment.  Oh!  And I kind of have been ignoring categorizing my posts because… work.  So, I should probably do that stuff.  (Yeah…. That didn’t happen either)

3) Post this.  Then continue posting.

Well, I guess to abide by #1, I should probably hold off on posting this until I have at least a week’s worth of posts.  That seems fair.  (Or maybe I’ll just scrap this plan, since as I’m going back through it, I’m just saying screw it to everything…)

4) Get involved with other bloggy personas.

To make this blog successful, I believe I have to become a presence around the blogosphere/interwebs or whatever.  I did get a twitter already, so… *points to self* winner.  (I have actually been tweeting, it’s @haily_hay, in case you were wondering)

5) Be awesome.

Always important.  Plus, I felt like a list ain’t a list if it ain’t at least five things long.  Man, look at that masterpiece of a sentence.

So… that seems to be all I’ve got.  (And yet, somehow I still failed…)



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