Dirt Pudding!

So, I’m still trying to do one first full week of posts, which is becoming harder since my midterm exams are next week and I really need to start studying for those.  Plus, I’m horrible at remembering to post… Or remembering to even write up the posts… I’m going to assume that  eventually I’ll get better, after it becomes part of my routine, but for now… I kinda suck at blogging.

(For the record, when I insult myself like that, I do it with self deprecating humor.  It’s really hard to convey with just text, and I feel like some might assume I hate myself.  I don’t.  I laugh at myself.  Wait, no…  I laugh with myself.)’

Anyway, because I’m just throwing this post together super quickly, I’m going to talk about how to make a super simple dessert: dirt pudding!  I just made it for a friend’s birthday, whose favorite desserts are “pudding and room temperature ice cream,” so I thought what the heck?

Pudding mix (chocolate suggested, vanilla is fine too)
Whipped cream
Oreos (or knock off Oreos)
Gummy worms

1) Make the pudding using the milk according to the box.
2) Smash the Oreos.
3) Mix set pudding with half of Oreos and half a container of whipped cream.
4) Top with rest of Oreos and some gummy worms.
5) Stuff your face!

There you have it!


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