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What the Heck?! ~ Ceiling Dragons???

(Don't you love my dragon? It's adorable.)
(Don’t you love my dragon? It’s adorable.)

I figured that it would be best to, for my first real post, explain the name of my blog, because I doubt anyone who reads this will have any idea what I’m talking about, considering the only other people who had my same 6th/7th grade English teacher, Ms. Brown, might know.

Ms. Brown is one of my all-time favorite teachers; she was very laid back (partially because she was teaching 6th and 7th grade together, in one class, which didn’t make any sense).  I still clearly remember once someone’s phone went off while we were talking about a sci-fi story, and she said, “The aliens are trying to contact us.”

In her room, there were three or four round, red stickers on her ceiling to mark something or other; I can’t remember.  One day, someone asked about those stickers, and she told us they were the eyes of the dragons in the ceiling that would come down and eat us if we weren’t good.  It kind of stuck as an inside joke between some of my friends in that same class.

While I was debating throughout the month of August whether I wanted to start a blog or not, I couldn’t for the life of me think of a title.  I tried messing around with some of my favorite words, book-related terms, my name (which was also inspired by a teacher when she called out Haily Hay, instead of using my entire last name; I loved it; it’s got a ring to it), and you won’t believe how many google searches I did for interesting words.  Then, when the time came that I had finally decided to make a blog, I ran through the best I had come up with, and none of them tasted right.  I was just about to give up and title the blog something boring and overdone when it sprung into my head:

Ceiling Dragons.

It’s fun. It’s cute.  It makes me laugh.

It’s perfect.

What do you think of my title?  Now that you’ve read my story, does it make more sense?

Thanks for reading! Smiles!


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