Ok so… I lied

Firstly, can you tell I like ellipses yet?  Don’t judge me… At least, I know what they’re called…

Anyway, I do not have this all figured out as I said I would.  I’ve had some allergy/cold funk debilitating me, and a crap ton of school work weighing me down.  Literally.  Do you know how heavy those books are?  I’m going to have to move to a bell tower before long.  Get it?  Because I’ll have a hunch back.   I’m so clever… And sarcastic and self deprecating.

So, I have yet to sort this all out, but I promise I will soon if you did find this.  Also I’m going to get a Goodreads and Facebook and Twitter and all that good social networking stuff.  Hope your day/week/life is awesome!


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